A company dedicated to manufacturing electromechanical equipment for the electronics industry (fixtures), mechanical devices, workstations, welded parts, CNC-automated parts, special machining, and conveyors of various materials.


Subsystem for automating production, emphasizing the factory production process by transferring human tasks to automation with the support of operators and the production manager, in compliance with internal policies and regulations according to ISO 9001-2008.


Design and Prototypes

We design according to our clients’ requirements and develop prototypes, whether physical or digital. Additionally, we provide support and guidance throughout the development process.



We specialize in high-precision machining, equipped with 3 and 4-axis CNCs to tackle the most complex machining tasks. Our expertise includes machining molds, dies, blades, and high-difficulty special parts, as well as gears of all types.



Design and manufacturing of specialized tooling and fixtures for all industries. We adapt our prices to accommodate all types of projects, always providing our clients with products of the highest quality and excellent delivery times.



We have highly trained equipment and personnel to perform machinery maintenance, aiming to keep the equipment in optimal condition and prevent unplanned downtime due to failures. Additionally, we offer emergency assistance for unexpected repairs.


Metrology and Inspection

We have high-quality metrology equipment such as optical comparators, digital probes, height gauges, calipers, micrometers, among other highly accurate tools. These are used to provide the required tolerances for the most demanding projects